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Your Kumpan Electric Scooter

The classic design of the 50s, combined with the most innovative battery technology of the 21st century – that is Kumpan electric. We design, develop and produce electric scooter in our own factory, located in Rhineland-Palatinate. Our Kumpan-family includes 3 models: our 1950 kickboard with innovative electric drive, as well as our electric scooter models 1953 and 1954L. The core of our models is Kumpan “Kraftpacket” (power-pack) – a Lithium-Ion battery.

Our Electric Scooter models

Model 1954L

25/45 km/h
≤150 km

Our model 1954L is not just an electric scooter, it is your new daily companion. In your free time or on your daily commute to work with a range of up to 150 km will take you to destination.

Model 1953

25/45 km/h
≤150 km

Our electric scooter 1953 impresses with its striking retro charm. Not only its appearance reveals itself, but the interior assets will persuade as well. With innovative Lithium-Ion batteries electric scooter can reach a range of up to 150 kilometers.

Model 1950

20 km/h
≤40 km

Unser Elektro-Tretroller 1950 ist der perfekte Begleiter Deines urbanen Lifestyles. Er begleitet Dich auf dem täglichen Weg zur Arbeit oder bei Freizeitausflügen.

“Kraftpaket” – power pack

Inside our electric scooter, finds itself a powerful Lithium-Ion battery-pack. With our removable battery system, up to three batteries can be used, which allow you to reach a range of up to 150 km.

Innovative solutions for your business

With our Kumpan models, we offer you the suitable solution for your mobility needs. With special developments in the areas of fleet management, shared mobility and delivery vehicles, we have broadened our product portfolio. Together with you, we develop a comprehensive overall concept for your electric scooter fleet.


Our Kumpan electric scooters are the perfect companion for the internal transports and also the supplement of your fleet for company city trips.

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Shared Mobility offers enormous growth opportunities in the coming years. With our holistic vehicle concept, we offer you an effective and direct solution for your business. Implement our electric scooters in your rental business model and be the part of this lucrative growth market from today.

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Delivery Vehicle

With our specially adapted Kumpan electric scooters, we offer you vehicles with generous storage space, high load capacity and good vehicle handling.

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